QC Finishers, Surface Painting & Screen Printing Services

About QC Finishers Inc.

QC Finishers Inc. was started in 1985 in a 5,000 square foot facility to serve the demand for high quality painting and screening services for the Medical and Industrial Controls industries. We have since then expanded the original location several times and are now working under 25,000 square feet. QC Finishers

QC Finishers has made changes to their finishing services, added more equipment and the number of talented and experienced staff over the years to enhance our abilities to spray many more high performance coatings. We can provide your company with parts surface finishing and other coatings to complete your product.

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Improved finishing

We now offer pretreatment, technical masking, screen-printing and other value added processes for many industries especially the Military, Munitions, Avionics/Aerospace Telecommunications and Machine Controls.

Where to find QC Finishers

We are located near O’Hare International Airport.  We offer pick-up and delivery to meet or exceed your delivery expectations, QC Finishers services customers within 100 mile radius of Franklin Park.

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