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QC Finishers is a metal finishing company using liquid paints; we can paint almost any surface, materials meeting military specifications even utilize technical masking. We offer an expert surface finishing service and very effective solution for painting of surfaces on metal or other fabricated materials for commercial business.

Our metal finishing services include the pretreatment of your product’s surfaces prior to painting, application of most any liquid paint coatings and we also offer technical masking and screen printing. We are located just outside O’Hare Airport in Franklin Park, Illinois.

Paint parts, plastic, rubber, aluminum, steel, complicated or not.


Our job is to finish your products with paint or screen printing, QC Finishers can send our truck to pick-up your parts, then take them to our facility where we begin the finishing process. Once the parts are masked, coated, painted and screen printed, we re-package them. Now we can deliver them to your customer or back to your business, almost anywhere you need.. Our delivery service can truly make a difference with operations on your side and for your customer. QC Finishers helps you move a little faster, save you time, labor and money plus eliminate any middle man from causing any delays.

QC Finishers will pick-up and deliver your finished painted product to meet the delivery expectations to make business a little quicker and more efficient for you and your customers. Our company is well known for high quality metal finishing and on-time delivery of the finished painted product.


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Keeping Green

QC Finishers carries an FESOP permit (Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit) to operate our air control system that controls and destroys the VOC’s (Volatile Organics). We offer the most high performance coatings possible with the least possible impact on the environment.


We have a State of Illinois approved air control system that we are proud of, we maintain it to stay up to par with the EPA, its part of our responsibility here at QC Finishers to keep the air safer to breath and we do our best to make that happen. At the same time providing a great painted finish on products with limiting the amount of volatiles put in our air.

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